Let’s Talk About Bras: Part 3

It has been too long since y’all got to hear form me! Hope you are all doing well my sweet readers! So where I left off on my last time was on Padded Underwire and Non-Padded bras and now i shall talk about Wire-Free and T-Shirt Bras! Lets get started:

*All photos were screenshot off of Addition Elle’s website*

wire free

The Wire-Free line accommodates those who fine underwire too bother some, want something to wear just around the house either looking after newborns or cleaning, and/or for medical reasons. 
soft touch

The Soft Touch is has molded cups to allow for natural shaping and separation. Unfortunately for us 36 or 38 band girls, this one starts with a band of 40 but if you’re a determined lady, you can give your cross size a try. The Soft Touch, besides the Heavenly Touch, is one of the more feminine styles of the Wire-Free line.

heavenly touch

The Heavenly Touch, like the Soft Touch, has molded cups but more so than the Soft. With scalloped lace, this adds a feminine flare to the bra and comes in seductive black. The style of the cups have almost the same shape as the Contour, just without an underwire.

lace touch cotton touch

Now there is a method for my madness for why I put these next two bras together. The Lace Touch and Cotton Touch are virtually the same bra but once again, its just the lace detail that separates these two. Both are non-padded, wire-free and have the seaming in the front which act like the gore to give separation. They’re both made with a cotton/Spandex blend to make them as comfy as possible!


The T-Shirt bra!!! The must-have in for any wardrobe!! A simple staple that lies flat under anything yet give amazing support and coverage!!

smoothe operatorThe Smooth Operator is the perfect bra for those hot and humid days in the summer! The structure of the cup is quite unique – it is bascially a cross between a molded and unmolded cup! What i mean is that It has the prominence of a molded cup but has the malleability of a unmolded cup. Super light weight, and  breatheable and offers some great coverage. The cups are also lined with lace but this lace “lie flat” so there won’t be an bumps peaking through your tee.

flawless tser

The Flawless T-Ser is slowly becoming AE’s most popular bra! This bra is completely seamless and does not have any side boning, which makes the band extra comfy. One of my coworkers SWEARS by this by just as much as I swear by the Contour!

perfect tser

The Perfect T-Ser is ideal for the extended sizes as far as a t-shirt bra goes. It’s got some of the fullest cups out of all of AE’s bras. Whenever I pull this bra for customers, their eyes go wide say start to get nervous because of the cup. They always think that the cup looks larger than what they need but in all fairness, the size is exactly the same for any bra, there’s nothing special about the sizing of the cup on this one. It may look larger because it comes up very high up on the chest to provides whole lot of coverage and support. As someone who is an extended size, this is one of my go-to, everyday bras, especially in nude.

And there we have it babes!! Let’s Talk About Bra’s is complete!! Hope it was helpful for you ladies and honestly, it you have any questions about finding the right bra, feel free to send my DM on my Facebook Page and I would be glad to help! Or visit your nearest AE and speak to the Bra Expert of the day!

Thanks all! See you soon!



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