Let’s Talk About Bras: Part 3

It has been too long since y’all got to hear form me! Hope you are all doing well my sweet readers! So where I left off on my last time was on Padded Underwire and Non-Padded bras and now i shall talk about Wire-Free and T-Shirt Bras! Lets get started:

*All photos were screenshot off of Addition Elle’s website*

wire free

The Wire-Free line accommodates those who fine underwire too bother some, want something to wear just around the house either looking after newborns or cleaning, and/or for medical reasons. 
soft touch

The Soft Touch is has molded cups to allow for natural shaping and separation. Unfortunately for us 36 or 38 band girls, this one starts with a band of 40 but if you’re a determined lady, you can give your cross size a try. The Soft Touch, besides the Heavenly Touch, is one of the more feminine styles of the Wire-Free line.

heavenly touch

The Heavenly Touch, like the Soft Touch, has molded cups but more so than the Soft. With scalloped lace, this adds a feminine flare to the bra and comes in seductive black. The style of the cups have almost the same shape as the Contour, just without an underwire.

lace touch cotton touch

Now there is a method for my madness for why I put these next two bras together. The Lace Touch and Cotton Touch are virtually the same bra but once again, its just the lace detail that separates these two. Both are non-padded, wire-free and have the seaming in the front which act like the gore to give separation. They’re both made with a cotton/Spandex blend to make them as comfy as possible!


The T-Shirt bra!!! The must-have in for any wardrobe!! A simple staple that lies flat under anything yet give amazing support and coverage!!

smoothe operatorThe Smooth Operator is the perfect bra for those hot and humid days in the summer! The structure of the cup is quite unique – it is bascially a cross between a molded and unmolded cup! What i mean is that It has the prominence of a molded cup but has the malleability of a unmolded cup. Super light weight, and  breatheable and offers some great coverage. The cups are also lined with lace but this lace “lie flat” so there won’t be an bumps peaking through your tee.

flawless tser

The Flawless T-Ser is slowly becoming AE’s most popular bra! This bra is completely seamless and does not have any side boning, which makes the band extra comfy. One of my coworkers SWEARS by this by just as much as I swear by the Contour!

perfect tser

The Perfect T-Ser is ideal for the extended sizes as far as a t-shirt bra goes. It’s got some of the fullest cups out of all of AE’s bras. Whenever I pull this bra for customers, their eyes go wide say start to get nervous because of the cup. They always think that the cup looks larger than what they need but in all fairness, the size is exactly the same for any bra, there’s nothing special about the sizing of the cup on this one. It may look larger because it comes up very high up on the chest to provides whole lot of coverage and support. As someone who is an extended size, this is one of my go-to, everyday bras, especially in nude.

And there we have it babes!! Let’s Talk About Bra’s is complete!! Hope it was helpful for you ladies and honestly, it you have any questions about finding the right bra, feel free to send my DM on my Facebook Page and I would be glad to help! Or visit your nearest AE and speak to the Bra Expert of the day!

Thanks all! See you soon!



This past week, you might have heard about the Oprah Magazine Body-Shaming Faux Pas, but if not, let me enlighten you.

On Tuesday, writer Tamar A. was flipping through her new O Magazine and discovered something upsetting. In a fashion advice column, the question “Can I pull off a crop top?” was asked and answered horrendously. “If (and only if!) you have a flat stomach, feel free to try one.” Outrages, Tamar reached out to Instragram to make it public and put this as her caption:

Surprised to see this level of#bodyshaming in Oprah magazine. The feature is about women feeling healthy. Part of health is self-esteem and that’s intrinsically connected to body image. Stop telling women what they CAN’T wear. We can wear and do and be ANYTHING that makes us feel strong, powerful, passionate and in charge of our own destinies. I hope young women and women of any age don’t feel like they’re restricted by editorially imposed fashion “rules.” The only rules are there are no rules. Wear what you love, what makes you feel confident, and own it. Confidence is power, and it’s contagious.

This was spot on!!! I was just about to head out to see my bf when I stubbled upon it and I was disgusted with the level of ignorance from the magazine and how the editor and author thought this was remotely appropriate. I joined the uproar and put up 3 photo’s of me in crop tops to really get some movement. Women of all shapes and sizes rallied together to show off their bods in crops and some hashtags began to fly around, most popular were #ifandonlyifiwantto, #rockacrop and #pullingoffacroptop. Instagram exploded and it was very heart warming to see everyone standing up for each other. The movement really caught the attention of the media like Today and Daily Mail and spread even more. O mag did end up releasing a statement:

‘We support, encourage and empower all women to look great, feel confident and live their best lives – in this case, we could have expressed it better. We appreciate the feedback and will be more mindful going forward.’

I’ve asked around on Instagram to share some users crop top pics and these were the lovely ladies i got to talk to:


“Here’s to crop tops all week, just for you Oprah” – @jewelzjourney


“I’d rather be a ROLE MODEL than a SUPERMODEL” – @boardroomblonde


“Senorita” – @ayejennyb

And meet my blogger boo, Jess from Clothes and Shit!! I freaking love this girl and this outfit is nothing but adorbz!!


And now my my take on #pullingoffacroptop!

batman 2

“No flat stomach here, just rocking a crop top, because I can @oprahmagazine!!”


“Oops I did it again with a new crop!! Still feeling myself and my belly O Mag”

And finally my fave crop top of all! From Addition Elle and Reitmans, I put this little ensemble together and this pic was the cover photo and feature in PopSugar’s article on the Faux Pas. My blogger babe Jess from Clothes and Shit was also featured! You can read it here!insta4

“Just goes to show that curves can rock crops just as easily and just as damn well @oprahmagazine”

Black Lace Crop Top – Addition Elle

Coral Blazer – Reitmans

You all can rock a crop top!! Try one this weekend and post it on Facebook for a feature a potential feature on my Instagram!

Happy Weekend!


A Geometric Canada Day

Last week Canada celebrated its 147th birthday! Yup we’re still a baby country but we’re cool as hell! The weather was weird as heck, bursts of sun and then spurts of threatening looking clouds. I decided to play it safe and wear racerback tank and denim shorts. This tank I have had for YEARS!! I got it back in 2009 at Forever 21 in Cape Cod and it was one of my very first purchases and for it to have lasted for 6 years is impressive, considering it’s from F21. Mike and I decided to walk around the city for Canada Day, so comfort was essential, and we walked along Queen St and grabbed some lunch at a local pub. It was a very nice day! One accessory that you may be a little wary about are the dog tags I’m wearing, yes they are real. Let me explain. My brother was with the Royal Regiment of Canada for about 5 years and was pulled from a lottery to fight over seas. Since it was a lottery he opted to stay in Canada and so, the dog tags make Canada Day and Remembrance Day closer to home.11421576_10206165925880523_1164653052_n geo 6

geo 5

geo 4

geo 2

geo 7

geo 1

Geometric Tank and Clutch – Forever 21 

Denim Walking Shorts – Addition Elle (similar)

Wrist Chain – Aldo Accessories (similar)

Nike Runners – Winners

Thanks All!


Let’s Talk About Bras: Part 2

Evening All!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekends! Today I’m going to add another chapter to my Let’s Talk About Bras mini series by discussing the benefits of a well fitted bra and then helping you decide which Addition Elle Non-Padded and Padded bras will work for you!! Well looks like we’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

Benefits of a Well Fitted Bra: 1) A properly fitted bra will improve overall posture. 2) Circulation in the breast tissue will be improved. 3) With the proper lift, it can reduce the risk of stretch marks. 4) “Without proper support, lymphatic drainage from the lymph nodes is impeded, which interferes with cellular health” stated by Custom Fit Bras. 5) By wearing a good bra it will impede gravity from pulling the breasts, face and throat skin down, which reduces a saggy jowls. 6) Improves self confidence and overall view of one’s self.

And now for the main attraction: Addition Elle’s Déesse Lingerie

*all of the following pictures were screen shot off of Addition Elle’s website*

non -padded

Non-padded Underwire bras are typically found in boxes such as WonderBras. With AE’s non-padded Underwire bras, you will still get great support from the wire and a feminine flare with the smooth lace cups, which will appear flat under a tee, as opposed to bumpy from cheap lace boxed bras. These bras are also good for those who tend to carry their weight in the bottom portion of their breast. When I say bottom portion, I’m speaking from the nipple, down to the rib cage.

lace desire

The Lace Desire bra is one of the select styles that is carried in G & H cups, which helps in accommodating those with bigger busts but aren’t fans of molded/padded cups. For those who are bottom heavy in their chest structure, The Lace Desire will provide great shape, a smooth surface and ideally, won’t cut into your breast tissue from the cup (spilling). Breathable from the mesh yet classy with the lace.


The Femme Couture bra is the more feminine of the Non-padded Underwire style with all over lace. The nice thing about the lace on this bra is that it’s going to be invisible under blouses because of the smooth lace technology. Now, I always had this notion that lace, unmolded bras gave people “pointy boob”. I was pleasantly surprised by the full figure shape it gave me because with this bra, you have 2 thick seams, across the breast and nipple-down to the wire, which gives natural shape and full support.


The Padded Underwire bras are our most popular and unique styles because each one offers different support & coverage due to the shapes of the cups. These bras come in the widest selection of colours and materials. Now, these cups aren’t really “padded” but molded. There is no added padding in these bras cause lets be honest, bigger busts do not need the extra padding, they do fine all on their own. For each one of these bras I will explain which body type suits each bra.

The Contour is my personal favourite out of these styles. I have at least 6 of them in various colours because they are just so comfortable! I typically fit a G/H cup and I can honestly say that I am comfortable all day when I wear these! Reason why I mention my cup size is because this bra is ideal for those with larger busts because this style gives the best lift, smooth coverage without it being overly “cup-y” and for the larger cup sizes, they have 4 hooks instead of just 3, to give even more back support. Someone who typically has an all over full bust will find this bra a God sent.


The Convertible is a go-to for those who want comfort, support and lift, all without the straps! The lace band on this bra are lined with silicone to hold the girls in place without sliding. These do come in DD & DDD cups and you ideally want the band to be a bit snug so that you’re still well supported even without the straps, because like I mentioned in Part 1, 90% of the bra’s support comes from the band! If you tend to have spilling in the cups, but on the side under the arms, you’re more side heavy and this bra will support and cover you at the sides.


The Balconet is perfect for those who are side heavy in the breasts. As you can see in the picture above, the cup itself  is cut higher up along the sides to cover and support the sides. If you’re a Contour Girl like myself, with an all over full bust, this bra is definitely not for you!! Don’t be fooled by the bows and patterns, the cup will do the weirdest thing to you! Since this bra doesn’t come in G/H I had to use my cross size and this is what happened: Because the cup is smaller in my cross size, it cut into my boobs and then, since the cup is high at the sides, it winged out- there is no trick to fix this. These bras are one of a select few that actually come in a B cup and I have a co-worker who lives in these!


The Temptress Plunge are ones I don’t usually pull unless a customer is looking for this style in particular because of the plunge. Now, typically, because of the plunge, the gore (the front where the the cups meet) is practically gone, thus lacking in lift. But with our Temptress Plunge, it has a removable insert to compensate for the lift. Since the cup is full, you will get beautiful smoothness even when the straps are set as a halter or racer back.

If I haven’t lost you yet, I’m going to end it here for today and carry on with T-Shirt Bras and Padded Wire-Free bras for next time in Part 3! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment down below or on the Facebook page and I will gladly help!

Have a good evening and happy shopping!


Let’s Talk About Bras: Part 1

Bonjour all!!

Today’s post is going to be focused on something us ladies have a love/hate relationship with. It takes forever to find one that fits properly and flatters but the feeling when you find one that does all the right things just skyrockets your confidence! It is the foundation of any great wardrobe. That’s right ladies, I’m talking about bras! Since working with Addition Elle and basically selling bra’s every shift, I have gained a new found love, appreciation and slight obsession with the Déesse collection AE carries. I am almost busting at the seams with bra tricks, tidbits and info that i feel like I should share it with you, seeing as though by AE, I am deemed a Bra Expert. And you know what I am pretty darn good!! As part of my bra training I had to learn the anatomy of a bra, how to tell when a bra properly fits and had to try on every style of bra to learn based on my own chest structure which styles either worked or didn’t work for me. In Part 1, I’m gonna teach you how to do an At Home bra fitting, how to properly care for your bras and just some tricks to tell if a bra fits well! For Part 2, for those ladies who range from a 38B to 44DDD, including G & H cups, I will be giving a brief overview of which bra style will potentially work best for you from Addition Elle and what kind of benefits a good bra can give you!! So lets get started!

*all photo’s are taken either from Addition Elle Canada’s website or Google Images*


At Home Bra measurement: All you really need is a tap measure and you’ll need to take off any bulky sweaters you may be wearing but keep your bra on. Using the inches side of the tap, wrap the tap around the smallest part of your ribcage under your bust and take a deep breath in, whatever your measurement is, that is your Band size. Now wrap the tap around the fullest part of your breasts, making sure the tap is horizontal across your shoulders. With your bust measurement, subtract that number to your Band measurement and the difference will give you your cup size. A 2inch difference equals a B cup, 3 inches equals a C cup and so on. Just also a heads up, DD = E, DDD = F cups. For AE cups, we tend to use DD and DDD, and then continue to G & H cups. Here are some examples of  find your bra size: Band – 38, Bust – 45 = 38G. Band – 44, Bust – 47 = 44C. Hopefully this makes sense, if not here’s an Addition Elle tutorial video or their Bra Calculator. If a store doesn’t carry your measured size, you do have another measurement you can use and that is called your Cross Size. Cross Sizing, I find, are hit and miss for myself when it comes to shopping for women but it’s always worth giving a try. To find your cross size take your new Bra Size, i.e. 38G and all you do is increase the band by one size and decrease the cup size by one, which will give you 40DDD. Like I said, I find cross sizing hit and miss but other people swear by them so since you’ll have to try on the bras, try both sizes and compare. Another size that you can try when you get into a store is your old measurement. Bra fitting sizes aren’t always full proof I will admit and at times the type of bra you wear during a bra fitting may skew the measurement, especially if it’s an overworn, old bra. But the nice thing about the bra fittings is that it gives you some kind of foundation with finding the right bra. And last but not least, enlist the help of the bra expert in the store you’re in, they’re properly trained in the inventory and how to make sure they’re fitting well. Never hesitate for asking for help, especially with bra shopping.

taken from Google Images

Bra Care: The ideal way of washing your bras is by hand in lukewarm water. Do not bleach, iron or, most importantly, put them in the dryer!!! Ever wonder why after time, the underwire starts poking through your cup into your underarms? Welp, it’s from the dryer. When you put your bras through the dryer, the metal in the underwire expands from the heat and over time, it expands to the point of puncturing through the wing of the bra and boy is it ever annoying!? The way to dry your bras is by washing your bras before bed and either lay them out flat on a towel, covered by another towel or putting them on a hanger and letting them drip dry in your shower; I tend to favor the latter option. If you’ve had a long day and can’t summon up the energy to wash your bras by hand, then you can put them in the washer on a delicate cycle, with the clasps done up, preferably in a Delicates Bag which can be found here on Addition Elle’s page. The Delicates Bag with help in extending the life of a bra by cushioning it the washing machine and maintaining the cups structure and support.

taken from Addition Elle’s page

Fitting and Basic Tips: 1) Ideally, should have at least 2 bras in your wardrobe, that way you can switch between them. 2) You should switch your bras at most, every 3 days, that way the bra can regain its structure and elasticity. 3) Have 1 nude coloured bra. Even under white, you can’t see it. 4) When trying on a new bra, don’t be afraid to adjust it to fit you properly. 5) If your straps are falling off your shoulders, tighten them so that there is at most 1 finger of space/resistence. 6) When trying on a new bra, make sure to hook it onto the loosest setting, that way over time, you are still able to tighten the band as it looses it’s elasticity. 7) If you have your new bra on the loosest hooks and it feels comfortable but you’re experiencing spillage, then go up a cup size. 8) If you feel like your band is too tight, even on the loosest setting, then go up in the band. 9) Wear a thin t-shirt to see how your new bra shows off your waist and to see if it fits well – This is called the T-shirt test!And a fun fact: 90% of your bra’s support should come from the band, not the straps! Give your poor shoulders a break and loosen up those straps!

And so this concludes Part 1 of Let’s Talk About Bras. Hope you learned a few new tricks of the trade and that these help in find the perfect bra! I promise, it’s out there!! In Part 2, I will talk about the benefits of  having a well fitting bra and helping you chestier girls with finding the right Addition Elle bra for you! Believe me, when it comes to chesty, I know what I’m talking about.

See you soon!


Tickled Purple

Howdy all!

Hope you all had a good weekend! I know I did! Saturday was my 21st birthday – WOOT WOOT!! I’m now legal age to drink the States!! Watch out America, here i come and I am ready to drink lool I am part Canadian Hoser after all!! But anyway, my boyfriend Mike took me out for an awesome dinner + movie date! We went to Yorkdale Mall in Toronto and had a delish dinner at Moxie’s. But the best part of the night was seeing some 3D Raptors – yup, we saw Jurassic World!! Our waiter at Moxies was so jealous that we were seeing and he even left a hilarious comment on our bill 😛 As someone who used to play with plastic Dinosaurs instead Barbies or Dolls in general, this movie was SICK!! Kind of predictable but still, an excellent date night movie for sure!! At the end of the night, Mike surprised me with such a beautiful gift –  the daintiest heart necklace I have ever seen! I love dainty jewelry so this is precious to me!


Before our date though, I did have to work which wasn’t such a big deal but what I wore for the day was! I had all sorts of customers comment on my dress and even my co-workers were in aww. This beauty was snagged on my Kensington Market trip with Jess of Clothes and Shit from a little vintage shop called Courage My Love. And here’s the real kicker, it was $24!!! I was amazed seeing as though even Forever 21+ doesn’t have many dresses in that price range! Very reasonable I say!! The only downfall of the dress is that it doesn’t breathe. The skirt has some good flow but its the blousy top that really traps the heat from the boobs making it a tad warm! Also, it pretty see through but that’s nothing a slip and a nude coloured bra can’t fix!!

purple 1 purple 2 purple 3 purple 4 purple 5 purple 6 purple 8 purple 9 purple 10

Dress – Courage My Love

Statement Earrings – H&M in store

Wedges – Winners

Heart Studs – Forever 21

Thanks all!


Chic Happens

Sadly it has been quite nippy and rainy here in Toronto which is slightly depressing seeing as though my birthday is in less than a week! Yup, that’s right, I will be 21 on Saturday and to be honest I am not looking forward to it in the slightest! Sure I can now drink legally in the states but apart from that – meh. I’m sure once, it’s come and gone I’ll get a little more excited. Today though I went birthday gift shopping, not for myself, but for Mike. His birthday, funnily enough, is 3 days after mine which makes it SUPER handy to remember. I’m not going to tell what i got him (cause he reads the blog – NO SURPRISES FOR YOU MIKE!! I rocked the cutest printed shorts from Joe Fresh! Joe Fresh has really become hit and miss for me. When they first came on the scene, their styles, prices and materials were are pretty reasonable and well made. Now, their sizing is ranging from a size 00 to 14 (16 if you’re lucky), their prices have risen and their quality control is just not what it used to be. When I first tried on these shorts, they were sewed incorrectly and the hem of the leg was no longer straight across. Luckily though they had another one in my size in the back that looked fine and even then, the associate that got the better pair gave me such a fuss and said (without even looking) that there weren’t any in my size in the back and then proceeded to look me up and down. Seriously?? I work in retail and I would look to the moon and back for a particular item to gain my customers trust, this girl, was doing the exact opposite. If you wanna shop at Joe Fresh, I would say stay clear of the stores and just go online. Ah well, s**t happens. Actually, I take that back, Chic Happens! These shorts despite the rude service are quite comfy and light and perfect for summer. The print is adorable with coloured flowers and monarch butterflies and pairing it with this statement sweater, I was all sorts of fab!!

chic 1

chic 2

chic 4

chic 5

chic 6

Printed Shorts (size XL) – Joe Fresh

Statement Sweater – Addition Elle

Sandals – Guess but bought from Winners

LAIDES!! If you’re looking for a great deal, head over to Addition Elle’s sale section when you can take an additional 50% off already reduced prices – AMAZING!!! And also, if you wanna be comfy like I do when shopping, than these shorts are for you!!

Happy Shopping!


A Parisian Affair

Well here in Toronto, the sky is completely black but because it’s night out. NOOO it’s a rain storm that looks like it’s gonna do a lot of damage!! And can I just say, I hate rain. I find it very depressing, but as soon as Lightening is involved, then that crap is exciting! So to cheer myself up, I’m plating Here Comes The Sun while writing this.

This past week I got to see my dear friend Jess from Clothes & Shit and we explored the wonders and sites that is Kensington Market!! We had fish tacos from Seven Lives, The Big Bang Burger from The Burgernator and shopped the rack of various vintage shops like Courage My Love. It was a blast!!! I’ll do a blog post soon on my buys which entails my first ever purple dress!! And jess is such a sweetheart! About  a month ago she went to Hong Kong and the darling that she is, brought back some goodies for me ❤


When I did the shoot for this outfit, my bf’s eyes went big! And then he started asking stuff like “where’d you get those pants?” or “where’s you get those shoes?” and then said “please wear this all the time!”. Since grade 12, I have ROCKED red jeans! Ever since I read The Back to School essentials in Seventeen Mag, they said red jeans should be the staple of your year. And to me, that sounded so cool! No one at my school had ever worn red jeans or let alone a coloured pant!! I hit up Old Navy and that’s where I found them  – RED JEANS! My first ever pair of red jeans and I felt so good! I think this was the moment when I started to really take notice of my fashion choices and dared to wear things that was out of the box. I pairs some red jeans with a classic Navy/White striped tee which gave, in my opinion, a sort of modern Parisian flare. But to put it all together, I added some leopard print wedges, cause why the heck not!?

red 9

red 8

red 7

red 6

red 5

red 4

red 2

red 1

Striped Tee – Old Navy 

Red Jeans – Jones New York Plus (similar)

Leopard Print Wedges – Aldo (similar)

Leather Shoulder Bag – Roots Canada

Car Ring – Your Big Sister’s Closet (in-store)

Girls, go out and get yourselves a pair of red pants, I assure you, your confidence will skyrocket!!

Till next time!


The Hippie in the Alley

The weather here has been so random lately. Last week was hot and humid and this week has been frigid and rainy!! Like the the heck Canada!?! Be consistent for once other than in winter! During those hot and humid days, I was ROCKING this amazingly fresh, hip and boho-ish outfit! I sometimes would wear it 2-3 days straight if i was seeing different people just because it was so easy to put together. And to keep it really simple on wear you ladies can find these items – they’re all at Addition Elle! NO KIDDING! Like I said, Addition Elle has really ampted up their game!!! And the fact that I get to see what comes out of the boxes on Stock Days lol doesn’t help my wallet whatsoever!

blue pants 1blue pants 2blue pants 3blue pants 4blue pants 7blue pants 8blue pants 9blue pants 10blue pants 11blue pants 12

White tank, printed pants, Aviators – Addition Elle

Elephant Earrings – H&M (in store)

Strappy sandles – Target Canada

Leather Messenger bag – Roots

Rings – From various friends, family and adventures

The white tank luckily enough if you aren’t fans of the white come in a whole bunch of different colours too!! Olive, Navy, Oxblood, Black and Yellow are to name a few. I’ve got the white, as you can see, and the Olive, paired with tribal print leggings looks so on point!! Last little thing about the tank is that yes my bra straps are showing and i could care less!! It was hot as heck when i wore this for it to be almost a taboo for bra straps to show, get off!

The Pants!! I’m very biased when it comes to these pants: if you want to wear pants that are appropriate for everyday wear but feel like pjs, then these are your pants!!! I could practically live in them! They’re so light, flowy, trendy and totally versatile for the summer! You can match the pants with their crop top (sold separately) like GabiFresh did or wear a simple black cami and the matching kimono works too! This print also comes on a tank top and a romper!! When Addition Elle has a good print, they maximize it by expanding its potential on different clothing items. And boy do they have a winner here!!! You can find all of the fabulously printed items here along with other items selected by GabiFresh herself!

Do you have a perfect staple summer outfit?! Show it off on the blog’s facebook page!

Stay cool everyone!


Treat Yourself: Tea Tree Face Mask

Confession time: I am the sad recipient of acne prone skin. I have had acne since i was about 14 and now, at almost 21, I still fight this battle. It has gotten much better this past year in that my face looks clearer, my scars are fading and there is a certain glow. It could partly be because my hormones are starting to settle out but I think it honestly is because I finally found a regime that works! I’ll do another post sometime soon on my whole regime but today I’ll be talking about a newly added product to this winning system of mine!


Meet The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Face Mask! I have only been using this product for about a month and I can see why it’s in The Body Shop’s Top Rated category! My acne nowadays tends to pop up about a week before my period (sorry not sorry for TMI) and I have THE worst habit when it comes to having acne – i like try and pop them. I am not proud of it by any stretch of the imagination!! And for those who don’t quite know why that’s a horrible practice, lemme tell you: SCARS!!! Because by popping a pimple, you technically break the skin which in turn, creates a scar once the pore dries up. I don’t mean to do it but I’ve noticed I tend to touch/pick my face when I’m stressed and I do it sometimes without even realizing I’m doing it! So in an effort to be rid of this habit, I asked my friends and family to call me out on my picking when it occurs!! Anyway, back to the mask! The mask is so easy to spread on my face and it is such a lovely, smooth texture. The scent is also very comforting due to the Tea Tree! Since I was young, I’ve always been told that Tea Tree is like the holy grail for treating acne but sadly, my mom (never having acne when she was younger) never really invested in products to help, other than Pro Active. Let’s stop here for two seconds. Before you ask, yes I have tried Pro Active, on 3 separate occasions and it did NOTHING for my face!! In fact, it made skin oilier than usually, I was perpetually shiny (not cute!!). If it works for some people, that’s great but now that I’m getting older, I’m realizing more natural skin care products are just how my skin likes it. Back to the Mask: I loved how smooth it made my face feel after washing it off!! It really helped with reducing the redness of new breakouts, mattefied my oily T-zone and my skin felt so fresh and clean!!



PicMonkey Collage
Don’t pick your face!!! Take my face as an example!


Looks so much better!!

Time for some side notes: I tend to have an oily T-zone and for me, at least, I did not find that the Mask made my skin any more oily. If fact, my face look incredible matte!  When you use the product, there are 2 things to keep in mind. 1) It doesn’t really dry up! Unlike typical masks, this Tea Tree Mask doesn’t dry up and harden. 2)When you have the mask on, you’ll feel some light tingling, which is normal from the Tea Tree working it’s magic. One final note – The Body Shop does have a whole line completely devoted to Tea Tree products for blemished skin! If you want to ease your way into the line, I would recommend trying this mask first!

How to use it: After washing your face and patting it dry, apply a thin layer of the mask all over your face (neck too if you want!) using your fingers. Let it do it’s thing for about 5-10 minutes and then with a sink full of clean, fresh water, splash some on your face and use a damp face towel to remove the rest. Then take a gander in the mirror and look in amazement at how fresh and matte you face looks! I recommend doing this before bed. You can also use the mask as a spot treatment instead of an all-over situation.

P.S. The Body Shop is having a MASSIVE sale – Buy 3 get 2 free!! Stock up on body butter, make up and skin care products here!!

Happy Pampering!