About Moi

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Eleni here! There’s a lot you need to know about me, so let’s get started! I am a Gemini, a movie lover, and music enthusiast. I’m Plus Size and I’m PROUD!. Anything along lines of following sports teams I support wholeheartedly: Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Maple Leafs, Portugal’s National Soccer Team and Team Canada for the Olympics (Summer & Winter). I enjoy helping people to the best of my abilities, hence why my main aspiration in life is to become a nurse, specifically either in Pediatrics or Geriatrics (I know, such extremes). I LOVE MY CATS TO DEATH – Lily (the passive blob), Zelda (the huntress), Gilmore (the gentle giant) and Zezzel (the sassy old man). My friends and family mean the world to me and I will bend over backwards and then some just to put a smile on their faces! Love has not yet blessed me with its grace but I’m hopeful and patient. I am a fan of sangria and anything that makes my curves look amazing cause you, flaunt what you’ve got!! Big advocate right here for them curvy girls or for those who need to show their body a little love (we got to stick together). I’m compassionate, loving, rambunctious, witty, athletic and generous. My favourite things to make go by are reading while having a nice mug full of coffee or thinking of little things I can surprise my friends with the next time I see them – whether it be writing them a letter, buying them a rose or having a piece of cake waiting for them when they arrive. And lastly, I’m a fantastic listener. With all this in mind, I hope you enjoy my posts!


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