This past week, you might have heard about the Oprah Magazine Body-Shaming Faux Pas, but if not, let me enlighten you.

On Tuesday, writer Tamar A. was flipping through her new O Magazine and discovered something upsetting. In a fashion advice column, the question “Can I pull off a crop top?” was asked and answered horrendously. “If (and only if!) you have a flat stomach, feel free to try one.” Outrages, Tamar reached out to Instragram to make it public and put this as her caption:

Surprised to see this level of#bodyshaming in Oprah magazine. The feature is about women feeling healthy. Part of health is self-esteem and that’s intrinsically connected to body image. Stop telling women what they CAN’T wear. We can wear and do and be ANYTHING that makes us feel strong, powerful, passionate and in charge of our own destinies. I hope young women and women of any age don’t feel like they’re restricted by editorially imposed fashion “rules.” The only rules are there are no rules. Wear what you love, what makes you feel confident, and own it. Confidence is power, and it’s contagious.

This was spot on!!! I was just about to head out to see my bf when I stubbled upon it and I was disgusted with the level of ignorance from the magazine and how the editor and author thought this was remotely appropriate. I joined the uproar and put up 3 photo’s of me in crop tops to really get some movement. Women of all shapes and sizes rallied together to show off their bods in crops and some hashtags began to fly around, most popular were #ifandonlyifiwantto, #rockacrop and #pullingoffacroptop. Instagram exploded and it was very heart warming to see everyone standing up for each other. The movement really caught the attention of the media like Today and Daily Mail and spread even more. O mag did end up releasing a statement:

‘We support, encourage and empower all women to look great, feel confident and live their best lives – in this case, we could have expressed it better. We appreciate the feedback and will be more mindful going forward.’

I’ve asked around on Instagram to share some users crop top pics and these were the lovely ladies i got to talk to:


“Here’s to crop tops all week, just for you Oprah” – @jewelzjourney


“I’d rather be a ROLE MODEL than a SUPERMODEL” – @boardroomblonde


“Senorita” – @ayejennyb

And meet my blogger boo, Jess from Clothes and Shit!! I freaking love this girl and this outfit is nothing but adorbz!!


And now my my take on #pullingoffacroptop!

batman 2

“No flat stomach here, just rocking a crop top, because I can @oprahmagazine!!”


“Oops I did it again with a new crop!! Still feeling myself and my belly O Mag”

And finally my fave crop top of all! From Addition Elle and Reitmans, I put this little ensemble together and this pic was the cover photo and feature in PopSugar’s article on the Faux Pas. My blogger babe Jess from Clothes and Shit was also featured! You can read it here!insta4

“Just goes to show that curves can rock crops just as easily and just as damn well @oprahmagazine”

Black Lace Crop Top – Addition Elle

Coral Blazer – Reitmans

You all can rock a crop top!! Try one this weekend and post it on Facebook for a feature a potential feature on my Instagram!

Happy Weekend!



4 thoughts on “#PullingoffaCropTop

  1. I love this Post and what it stands for! We set the standards no one can tell us how to look, feel, think or be! I’ll wear whatever the hell I want to wear! The End!
    #BodyPositive #CelebrateMySize &

    1. EXACTLY!!! Enough is enough, there is nothing wrong with being who we are and we shouldn’t have to apologize.

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