Let’s Talk About Bras: Part 2

Evening All!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekends! Today I’m going to add another chapter to my Let’s Talk About Bras mini series by discussing the benefits of a well fitted bra and then helping you decide which Addition Elle Non-Padded and Padded bras will work for you!! Well looks like we’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

Benefits of a Well Fitted Bra: 1) A properly fitted bra will improve overall posture. 2) Circulation in the breast tissue will be improved. 3) With the proper lift, it can reduce the risk of stretch marks. 4) “Without proper support, lymphatic drainage from the lymph nodes is impeded, which interferes with cellular health” stated by Custom Fit Bras. 5) By wearing a good bra it will impede gravity from pulling the breasts, face and throat skin down, which reduces a saggy jowls. 6) Improves self confidence and overall view of one’s self.

And now for the main attraction: Addition Elle’s Déesse Lingerie

*all of the following pictures were screen shot off of Addition Elle’s website*

non -padded

Non-padded Underwire bras are typically found in boxes such as WonderBras. With AE’s non-padded Underwire bras, you will still get great support from the wire and a feminine flare with the smooth lace cups, which will appear flat under a tee, as opposed to bumpy from cheap lace boxed bras. These bras are also good for those who tend to carry their weight in the bottom portion of their breast. When I say bottom portion, I’m speaking from the nipple, down to the rib cage.

lace desire

The Lace Desire bra is one of the select styles that is carried in G & H cups, which helps in accommodating those with bigger busts but aren’t fans of molded/padded cups. For those who are bottom heavy in their chest structure, The Lace Desire will provide great shape, a smooth surface and ideally, won’t cut into your breast tissue from the cup (spilling). Breathable from the mesh yet classy with the lace.


The Femme Couture bra is the more feminine of the Non-padded Underwire style with all over lace. The nice thing about the lace on this bra is that it’s going to be invisible under blouses because of the smooth lace technology. Now, I always had this notion that lace, unmolded bras gave people “pointy boob”. I was pleasantly surprised by the full figure shape it gave me because with this bra, you have 2 thick seams, across the breast and nipple-down to the wire, which gives natural shape and full support.


The Padded Underwire bras are our most popular and unique styles because each one offers different support & coverage due to the shapes of the cups. These bras come in the widest selection of colours and materials. Now, these cups aren’t really “padded” but molded. There is no added padding in these bras cause lets be honest, bigger busts do not need the extra padding, they do fine all on their own. For each one of these bras I will explain which body type suits each bra.

The Contour is my personal favourite out of these styles. I have at least 6 of them in various colours because they are just so comfortable! I typically fit a G/H cup and I can honestly say that I am comfortable all day when I wear these! Reason why I mention my cup size is because this bra is ideal for those with larger busts because this style gives the best lift, smooth coverage without it being overly “cup-y” and for the larger cup sizes, they have 4 hooks instead of just 3, to give even more back support. Someone who typically has an all over full bust will find this bra a God sent.


The Convertible is a go-to for those who want comfort, support and lift, all without the straps! The lace band on this bra are lined with silicone to hold the girls in place without sliding. These do come in DD & DDD cups and you ideally want the band to be a bit snug so that you’re still well supported even without the straps, because like I mentioned in Part 1, 90% of the bra’s support comes from the band! If you tend to have spilling in the cups, but on the side under the arms, you’re more side heavy and this bra will support and cover you at the sides.


The Balconet is perfect for those who are side heavy in the breasts. As you can see in the picture above, the cup itself  is cut higher up along the sides to cover and support the sides. If you’re a Contour Girl like myself, with an all over full bust, this bra is definitely not for you!! Don’t be fooled by the bows and patterns, the cup will do the weirdest thing to you! Since this bra doesn’t come in G/H I had to use my cross size and this is what happened: Because the cup is smaller in my cross size, it cut into my boobs and then, since the cup is high at the sides, it winged out- there is no trick to fix this. These bras are one of a select few that actually come in a B cup and I have a co-worker who lives in these!


The Temptress Plunge are ones I don’t usually pull unless a customer is looking for this style in particular because of the plunge. Now, typically, because of the plunge, the gore (the front where the the cups meet) is practically gone, thus lacking in lift. But with our Temptress Plunge, it has a removable insert to compensate for the lift. Since the cup is full, you will get beautiful smoothness even when the straps are set as a halter or racer back.

If I haven’t lost you yet, I’m going to end it here for today and carry on with T-Shirt Bras and Padded Wire-Free bras for next time in Part 3! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment down below or on the Facebook page and I will gladly help!

Have a good evening and happy shopping!



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