Let’s Talk About Bras: Part 1

Bonjour all!!

Today’s post is going to be focused on something us ladies have a love/hate relationship with. It takes forever to find one that fits properly and flatters but the feeling when you find one that does all the right things just skyrockets your confidence! It is the foundation of any great wardrobe. That’s right ladies, I’m talking about bras! Since working with Addition Elle and basically selling bra’s every shift, I have gained a new found love, appreciation and slight obsession with the Déesse collection AE carries. I am almost busting at the seams with bra tricks, tidbits and info that i feel like I should share it with you, seeing as though by AE, I am deemed a Bra Expert. And you know what I am pretty darn good!! As part of my bra training I had to learn the anatomy of a bra, how to tell when a bra properly fits and had to try on every style of bra to learn based on my own chest structure which styles either worked or didn’t work for me. In Part 1, I’m gonna teach you how to do an At Home bra fitting, how to properly care for your bras and just some tricks to tell if a bra fits well! For Part 2, for those ladies who range from a 38B to 44DDD, including G & H cups, I will be giving a brief overview of which bra style will potentially work best for you from Addition Elle and what kind of benefits a good bra can give you!! So lets get started!

*all photo’s are taken either from Addition Elle Canada’s website or Google Images*


At Home Bra measurement: All you really need is a tap measure and you’ll need to take off any bulky sweaters you may be wearing but keep your bra on. Using the inches side of the tap, wrap the tap around the smallest part of your ribcage under your bust and take a deep breath in, whatever your measurement is, that is your Band size. Now wrap the tap around the fullest part of your breasts, making sure the tap is horizontal across your shoulders. With your bust measurement, subtract that number to your Band measurement and the difference will give you your cup size. A 2inch difference equals a B cup, 3 inches equals a C cup and so on. Just also a heads up, DD = E, DDD = F cups. For AE cups, we tend to use DD and DDD, and then continue to G & H cups. Here are some examples of  find your bra size: Band – 38, Bust – 45 = 38G. Band – 44, Bust – 47 = 44C. Hopefully this makes sense, if not here’s an Addition Elle tutorial video or their Bra Calculator. If a store doesn’t carry your measured size, you do have another measurement you can use and that is called your Cross Size. Cross Sizing, I find, are hit and miss for myself when it comes to shopping for women but it’s always worth giving a try. To find your cross size take your new Bra Size, i.e. 38G and all you do is increase the band by one size and decrease the cup size by one, which will give you 40DDD. Like I said, I find cross sizing hit and miss but other people swear by them so since you’ll have to try on the bras, try both sizes and compare. Another size that you can try when you get into a store is your old measurement. Bra fitting sizes aren’t always full proof I will admit and at times the type of bra you wear during a bra fitting may skew the measurement, especially if it’s an overworn, old bra. But the nice thing about the bra fittings is that it gives you some kind of foundation with finding the right bra. And last but not least, enlist the help of the bra expert in the store you’re in, they’re properly trained in the inventory and how to make sure they’re fitting well. Never hesitate for asking for help, especially with bra shopping.

taken from Google Images

Bra Care: The ideal way of washing your bras is by hand in lukewarm water. Do not bleach, iron or, most importantly, put them in the dryer!!! Ever wonder why after time, the underwire starts poking through your cup into your underarms? Welp, it’s from the dryer. When you put your bras through the dryer, the metal in the underwire expands from the heat and over time, it expands to the point of puncturing through the wing of the bra and boy is it ever annoying!? The way to dry your bras is by washing your bras before bed and either lay them out flat on a towel, covered by another towel or putting them on a hanger and letting them drip dry in your shower; I tend to favor the latter option. If you’ve had a long day and can’t summon up the energy to wash your bras by hand, then you can put them in the washer on a delicate cycle, with the clasps done up, preferably in a Delicates Bag which can be found here on Addition Elle’s page. The Delicates Bag with help in extending the life of a bra by cushioning it the washing machine and maintaining the cups structure and support.

taken from Addition Elle’s page

Fitting and Basic Tips: 1) Ideally, should have at least 2 bras in your wardrobe, that way you can switch between them. 2) You should switch your bras at most, every 3 days, that way the bra can regain its structure and elasticity. 3) Have 1 nude coloured bra. Even under white, you can’t see it. 4) When trying on a new bra, don’t be afraid to adjust it to fit you properly. 5) If your straps are falling off your shoulders, tighten them so that there is at most 1 finger of space/resistence. 6) When trying on a new bra, make sure to hook it onto the loosest setting, that way over time, you are still able to tighten the band as it looses it’s elasticity. 7) If you have your new bra on the loosest hooks and it feels comfortable but you’re experiencing spillage, then go up a cup size. 8) If you feel like your band is too tight, even on the loosest setting, then go up in the band. 9) Wear a thin t-shirt to see how your new bra shows off your waist and to see if it fits well – This is called the T-shirt test!And a fun fact: 90% of your bra’s support should come from the band, not the straps! Give your poor shoulders a break and loosen up those straps!

And so this concludes Part 1 of Let’s Talk About Bras. Hope you learned a few new tricks of the trade and that these help in find the perfect bra! I promise, it’s out there!! In Part 2, I will talk about the benefits of  having a well fitting bra and helping you chestier girls with finding the right Addition Elle bra for you! Believe me, when it comes to chesty, I know what I’m talking about.

See you soon!



7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Bras: Part 1

  1. Great Post! I spend years with ill-fitting bras because I didn’t want to go with my mom, but also was too shy to ask the staff in the shops to see if I had the right size ^^”
    It makes such a difference to have a fitting bra.

    1. I totally understand!! I used to try and squeeze myself into VS bras until i decided i wanted comfort rather than sexy. I had my revelation sometime this past winter and got measured by AE and I’ve never turned my back on their bras

  2. As a plus size girl, in Oklahoma, I have a hard time finding well-fitting, flattering bras. I was stuck shopping at only Lane Bryant for bras. They run small. I recently purchased a couple bras from Torrid and I love them. I hate the way LB measures you. It is 100% inaccurate. Thanks for your post!

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